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French Toast partners with Scholastic

2014 - Jul Posted by ltapparel 0

French Toast has partnered with Scholastic, the largest children’s book publisher, to bring school uniform advice to an even bigger audience.

The launch of French Toast’s microsite on helps solidify French Toast’s position as the experts in school uniforms. In addition to school uniform policy development and implementation advice, the French Toast microsite helps educational leaders tackle some of the most important issues today, most notably improving childhood literacy and successful implementation of the Common Core Standards.


Ending the warm weather dress code madness

2014 - Jun Posted by ltapparel 0

Over the past month, there have been many newsworthy dress code debacles in schools across America.  From moms rebelling against a North Carolina school’s dress code at graduation to arguments over how some dress codes can inadvertently objectify teenage girls, school dress codes have gotten a lot of ink recently.

It has been mentioned many times on how a uniform dress code can help solve a school’s problem of trying to enforce a vague, sometimes totally subjective, student dress code.  Recently, we came across an article by education expert Walt Gardner that concisely summarizes most of our observations on recent dress code issues, and puts some of the recent school dress code battles into perspective.


School uniforms improve school culture

2014 - May Posted by ltapparel 0

One of the most obvious benefits of a school uniform policy that educators quickly recognize is an improved school culture and climate.  This also appears to be the case in Grand Rapids, MI where public schools there are in the first year of a uniform dress code.

An overwhelming percentage of Grand Rapids parents want to continue with the uniform program, and administrators credit the uniform policy with the positive changes in school climate.