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Florida proposes to pay schools for uniform adoptions

2015 - Mar Posted by ltapparel 0

There have certainly been many great anecdotal stories about why schools have adopted a school uniform policy, but the Florida Legislature may have just broken some new ground.

This month, a Florida House panel advanced a bill that would provide a cash incentive to the state’s schools districts for adopting a uniform policy in their elementary schools.  If approved, the state is prepared to earmark $10 million in possible payouts.

The bill seems to have bipartisan support, but at this time, there is no indication when or even if the larger Florida House will take up the issue for a vote.


From Idaho to New Jersey, school uniform policies are making the grade

2014 - Oct Posted by ltapparel 0

The first couple of weeks of a new school year always brings news stories about various successes with school uniform policies.  The beginning of the 2014-2015 school year has been no different.

From school districts like Twin Falls, Idaho that have a mature uniform program, to new uniform schools in Southern New Jersey like the Winslow Township School District, more and more schools are encountering uniform success and the positive effects on school climate that come with these policies.


School uniforms continue to grow in Pennsylvania

2014 - Sep Posted by ltapparel 0

The East Stroudsburg and Pocono Mountain School Districts in Pennsylvania are in the first year of their school uniform policies.

This came on the heels of the nearby Allentown School District successfully implementing a districtwide uniform policy last year.

We often highlight a school district’s success with uniform dress codes by sharing various newspaper articles, but it’s always nice to hear straight from the mouths of students.

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